University of North Carolina

Go Heels!

Chartered in 1789, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill officially opened to students in 1795. Considered the nation's first public university, UNC is one of eight universities to achieve "public ivy" status. Tour the 729-acre campus filled with historic buildings and monuments including the Morehead-Patterson Bell Tower and Old Well. 

Whether you are visiting to tour the university, attending a conference, or just for a weekend get-away, we are happy to provide complementary shuttle service.  We offer daily shuttles to several stops on campus, Franklin Street, and the Friday Center.

UNC Fun Facts and Student Traditions

• Drink or Fail: The most revered tradion is drinking from the Old Well the first day of classes.  If not, you will not get a 4.0 in any of your classes.
• "Southern Part of Heaven": Chapel Hill has been referred to as the "Southern Part of Heaven" after the title of the book by Will Meade Prince, which was published in 1950
• Franklin, Rose and Mary: Franklin Street was named after Benjamin Franklin.  Rosemary Street, a parallel street, was named after residents who live at it opposite ends - Rose and Mary
• A Tar What? A Tar Heel: The orgins of the name derives from early production of pine tar, pitch and turpentine in eastern North Carolina.  General Robert E. Lee referred to North Carolina soliders as "tar heel boys" because of there ability to "stick" to the military post, even during particularly hard combat.
• Carolina Blue Everywhere: Its is no ordinary blue that fill the campus, but Carlina Blue that is said to be the color that God painted the sky because he loved the Carolinas so much. From stuffed Ramsies to T-Shirts, the color is all over Campus.

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